Nano Brows Workshop

 The new PMU technique that mimics microblading, without cutting the skin.


Nano Brows is an advanced workshop for artists looking to replace microblading with a less traumatic technique that has better healed results. 


If you’re an artist that offers both microblading and machine work, you KNOW machine work heals better and stays longer for your clients.

Combining the benefits of machine work and the look of microblading (because let’s face it, that’s what people want) is having the best of both worlds!


So why is the industry shifting away from blading?

Artists are finding that Microblading is not superior

Now, I do think microblading has its place, but it's often misused. 

Creates more trauma to the skin, risking scar tissue. 

Very limited number of candidates forces artists to turn away clients (or take the wrong clients). 


Long term healed results are blurred, scarred and poor. 

I have some good news!

Nano brows uses a machine to poke pigment into the skin, creating less trauma and protecting your client's skin WHILE looking natural. 

Less trauma = better healed results


Looks incredibly natural like microblading


Virtually painless


Look what my clients are saying about Nano

I almost got an ombre brow because I was told I couldn’t have the microblading, even though I didn’t want a harsh look.

I’m so happy I found nano first!

It’s very natural looking and stayed well with my oily skin.


I’m in my 60’s and don’t wear a lot of makeup. I was worried about scarring because my skin is so thin but then Emily told me about nano.

I’m thrilled that I was still able to get very natural brows and not the makeup look”


I had tried microblading several times, but the color would crust up and fall out.

I’m so glad I tried the nano brows with Emily.

It’s exactly the look I wanted and didn’t even peel”


"Nano Brows will soon be the more requested service in the PMU industry and every advanced artist should offer it." 

-Emily Ink



Emily Ink’s Nano Brow Workshop

Take a Peek Inside

Module 1

Intro to Nano Brows:

Course breakdown of the differences between the available brow techniques and how to explain them to your clients. 

Module 2

Unique mapping process

My unique mapping style thats specific for nano brows and combo nano brows ensures that your brows AND stroke patterns are even. 

Mapping for nano brows is unlike any other technique I do. You not only need to map for symmetry of shape, but you also need to map the skeleton of your hair stroke pattern (and also make that even).

Module 3

Color Theory

Learn why we see colors the way we do and how our bodies break down pigment. Those factors are important for choosing what pigments and colors will work best for our clients.

Module 4

Hair Stroke Patterns

The Nano stroke patterns are very different from microblading patterns. They’re wispy, feathery and seemingly random or disheveled. I’ve included many worksheets to trace and practice so you'll be able to recreate these patterns easily.

Module 5

Techniques & Procedure

There are MANY different ways to do nano brows. I’ve included several techniques and will dive into my favorites (and not so favorite…).

You will also find a breakdown of my favorite machines and needles for nano brows.


Module 6

Aftercare, Touch-ups & Maintenance

In depth understanding of how the skin heals, aftercare instructions and aftercare products. Also, how to conduct your second session and touch ups for years to come. 


This course is perfect for you if…

  • You’re an ombre artist looking to offer a more natural technique
  • You have a lot of clients that want microblading but aren’t candidates for it
  • You’re tired of suggesting ombre or powdered brows and disappointing (or losing!) potential clients.
  • You have tried microblading but are having poor healed results
  • You already tried doing strokes with a machine but are getting dark, wobbly lines.
  • You’re ready for dusty, natural, long lasting stroke patterns for your clients

Payment Options



Online Course

  • In this option, you will receive 6 months access to all the online content in this training.
  • This option is best for experienced artists that need further clarification on the nano process as a whole.  



Online Course + Full day in-person with Live Model

  • In this option, you will receive 6 months access to the online content, full access to me and an in-person day with a live model.
  • There are LIMITED seats for this option as I need time to give you quality feedback and book a day with you.  
  • You MUST be a current artist with skills in whipshading and ombre. You CANNOT take this course if you are a beginner. 

Look what artists are saying about Nano


I never learned microblading after doing some reading on it.

I thought I would only do ombre until I learned nano...

It's a game changer.



I've been microblading for three years and always had decent results. Then I started doing ombre last year and realized how much better the brows came back looking. 

Now I can give my clients a microbladed look with the machine healing!"



Honestly, I almost quit PMU. My microblading results just didn't look good. 

Learning machine work and Nano brows literally saved my career.”


Level up your hairstroke game, learn Nano.

In this course you will learn my unique nano mapping process, color theory, 5 hairstroke patterns, several nano techniques, combo nano brows, machine and needle preferences, aftercare and maintenance. 


Frequently Asked Questions

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It’s time to put down the blade and pick up the machine.

Are you ready to be ahead of the curve?


Hey there, I am Emily!

I am a born and raised Florida native and I run a cosmetic tattooing business about 5 minutes outside of downtown St. Pete.

Over the past six years, I have honed my skills in the art of permanent makeup and paramedical tattooing. I specialize in microblading, nano brows, ombre brows, lip blushing, scar correction and areola reconstruction.

My passions for cosmetic tattooing don’t stop at just doing the service, I also teach!

I started teaching my skills four years ago as I was watching the increase in demand for these services.

I now host programs teaching brows and lips to new and experienced artists.

 Teaching others how to run a successful business in permanent makeup and watching them grow drives my passion and keeps me going!