Microblading & Ombre
Brow Training

Ink the Bay Beginner Workshop

Join me at the Ink the Bay tattoo convention Saturday March 25th to see if PMU is for you! This is a little workshop for you to play with machines and learn basic techniques before committing to a full training. 

Only $150 and that will go toward a training if you decide to pursue this career.  

I want to join!

Microblading and Machine Course

In this microblading and machine ombre class, you will learn all the brow services that I personally provide to be able to accommodate every client.

You will soon find out that microblading can only be performed on 20-30% of clients, therefore you will need to know how to do a powedered or combo brow as well (also called shading or ombre).

You will learn:

  • microblading
  • manual shading
  • ombre/powdered brows
  • combo brows

 Class Dates

  • January 14th, 15th, 16th sold out
    • Model dates 24th-26th 
  • April 8th, 9th, 10th sold out
    • Model dates 18th-21st
  • June 3rd, 4th, and 5th 
    • Model dates 13th, 14th, 15th
  • July 8th, 9th, 10th
    • Model dates 18th, 19th, 20th


  • cross contamination safety 
  • health department regulations
  • skin conditions and contraindications
  • choosing the right clients
  • microblading different skin types
  • brow shapes
  • mapping (predraw)
  • tools, needles and set up
  • hair stroke patterns
  • microblading procedure steps
  • manual shading
  • tattoo machines 101
  • needles cartridges 101
  • ombre techniques and procedure
  • proper aftercare 
  • touch up appointments

Program Schedule

  • The full program is 10 days to 2 weeks long.
  • The in-class portion of this program is three days long (usually a Sat/Sun/Mon). During that time, we will work only on worksheets, fake skins and dummy heads to properly learn these new skills.
  • You will then have a week or two to finish your fake skins and practice as much as possible at home, I call this 'Practice Week'. I encourage my students to send me photos of their work so I can correct and send feedback during this week.
  • After your practice week, we will set up a time to do a model together. I always do models individually to ensure you are having undivided attention through your appointment. It can be nerve racking the first time you do this procedure, therefore only one student at a time will be working on their model.  

What is included?


Your kit will provide everything to do the full microblading procedure. 

  • reusable microblading handles
  • 60 microblades (various sizes)
  • 10 fake skins
  • 7 pigments
  • 2 different numbing creams
  • 2 sharpie wax crayons
  • preinked string
  • 6 brow stencils 
  • mapping caliper
  • dummy head with mapping tape
  • gel pens
  • brow razors
  • pigment rings
  • ink cups
  • mascara wands
  • microswabs
  • manual with worksheets
  • tote bag

‚ÄčI do not include a machine for your take home kit, but a machine is provided to you for class and the practice week. 

I try to include everything that you need for the procedure. You will need to get health department approved cleaning supplies and other basics like gloves, q-tips, gauze, etc.