Microblading is out... Nano brows are in. 

The permanent makeup industry is moving away from microblading and choosing a better hair stroke technique called Nano Brows. Microblading causes a lot of trauma to the skin by cutting the pigment into the brow. This can cause scarring, pigment blurring and undesired results. 

Instead, many artists are offering nano brows which looks like microblading without the trauma. 

Nano vs Ombre vs Combo

There are a lot of ways to get your brows done these days, and lots of names for the same procedures can be confusing. I'll break down the top three brow techniques that are most requested by my clients.

Nano is a type of permanent makeup that creates the most natural looking brows. We will create the look of a hairstroke pattern to mimic a fluffy natural brow. This technique is perfect for an everyday brow and gives you a template to fill in when you prefer a bolder look.

  • ¬†September 2024 appointments available¬†
  • Fall 2024 waitlist open

Ombre is a shaded brows that is meant to replace your makeup routine for a more filled in look. This technique looks like pencil or powder but is NOT solid. We create a sheer application of pigment and can still be enhanced with makeup. 

Combo is a mix of the two for the best of both worlds. We can blend strokes and shading for a natural yet dense look so your brows can be fluffy AND filled in at the same time. 


Touch ups

The first touch up is always included for any brow procedure within 6-8 weeks.

  • 3-6 months  - $175
  • 9-12 months - $275
  • 12-18 months - $375

Anything over 18 months must be assessed, as it may need a full procedure again. 

Ombre / Combo conversion for current clients - $350

**clients coming from another artist full price**



  • Brow Procedure
  • Second session included¬†for any brow procedure within 6-8 weeks
  • No gratuity necessary



First, you must make sure you are a good candidate for permanent makeup. The best way to do this is with a phone consultation. Please text a few clear pictures of your brows without make up to 727-563-4289 with your full name and the procedure you'd like. Once you're confirmed, you can read through the following instructions to ensure the brows heal as well as possible.

  • general good health
  • no severe acne
  • no botox or facial within 2 weeks
  • no Retin-A or retinoids within 5 days
  • no brow enhancing serums¬†
  • no sunburn
  • no accutane
  • not pregnant or nursing¬†
  • no previous brow tattoo
  • not current under cancer treatment
  • no bloodthinners
  • no alcohol the night before
  • no brow tint within a week



Day 1- Gently press the brows with the provided tissue every few minutes on your way home. Wipe your brows with a damp cotton round and air dry. Do this once an hour for the rest of the day. This will prevent the formation of scabs. 

Day 2-7- Gently cleanse your brows with the provided cleanser, press dry, then apply a rice grain size of ointment to the brows. This should be the only contact with water they will have for the day. You can apply another rice grain size of ointment if they are feeling tight or dry in the afternoon.

  • no long steamy showers
  • no exercise
  • no sweating
  • no direct sun
  • no picking or itching
  • no pools, oceans, saunas, hot tubs
  • no facials or skin treatments
  • no products other than the ones you're provided
  • no brow makeup of any kind during healing